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The mission of Super STARS Academic is to “help your star shine brighter.” Specifically, Super STARS Academic aims to provide high-quality home tutoring services that are personalized, affordable, and convenient, while promoting and supporting each student’s personal growth. We recognize that all students are deserving of the opportunity to realize their best self and achieve their potential for success. Our students engage in diverse educational experiences such as community service opportunities to allow them to further develop their character, awareness, and purpose.

Our Story

Super STARS Academic Services was founded as a tutoring solution for Staten Island families who were struggling to succeed with the newly launched Common Core Learning Standards framework and for whom other private tutoring services were generally out of reach.

In 2012, founder and CEO, Michelle Bascome was working full-time as a middle school English teacher while privately tutoring students after school for extra income. She saw the significant difference the one-to-one, teacher-student format made, especially for struggling students who were sometimes overlooked in crowded classrooms. Originally intended as a side job, Michelle’s private tutoring took off and resulted in her schedule being booked to capacity with referred students. Now faced with a two-fold problem – too many students to accommodate and increasing frustration with Common Core among families – Michelle decided to establish a tutoring service that would offer individualized Common Core support right in students’ homes with highly beneficial one-to-one lessons.

Today, Super STARS Academic Services is a growing team of experienced teachers and tutors who share a passion for learning, a commitment to excellence, and a desire to see Staten Island students succeed. Since expanding in 2015, the Super STARS team has supported over 100 students across all grade levels in developing their academic skills, proficiency, and independent study habits. In addition to State Exam, SAT, and SHSAT prep services, Super STARS has committed to the value of individual skill-building and strategy development; the families we work with know that their child will not only achieve proficiency or that target score on a test, but will expand their foundational skills and grow their confidence and ability to approach schoolwork independently.