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State Tests can be stressful. Sixth graders face intermediate-level material for the first time. Seventh grade test scores impact high school placement. Eighth graders must show what they know before transitioning to high school material. Our tutors ease the pain by pairing review of test material with important test-taking skills and strategies, such as interpreting test questions, tackling challenging multiple choice questions, and constructing written responses.
Whether your child is struggling to keep up or aiming to excel, our tutors can help them shine their brightest. We provide support for all subject areas, including reading, writing, math, science, and social studies.  Through personalized lesson plans aligned with your child’s needs and grade-level curriculum, our tutors teach the material, skills, and strategies necessary to drive student improvement.
If you find yourself struggling to find the time, energy, or patience to help your child with class assignments, let us help! Our tutors get students on track with homework and projects, and support them throughout the school year. We identify what your child is struggling with and teach them study, organizational, problem solving, and writing strategies to produce better assignments.

Our Process: Personalized, Goal-Oriented Tutoring


We come to you! We listen to your concerns and complete an assessment with your child to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.


There is no one-size-fits-all with Super STARS – we deliver customized lesson plans to support your child’s goals on a schedule set by you and your Personal Academic Tutor.


We regularly review your child’s progress with you, and provide free access to educational websites to supplement your child’s tutoring sessions with online practice and tutorials.


Super STARS tutoring helps your child improve their grades, motivation, and ability to work independently. You’ll see an increase in your child’s confidence as they begin to meet grade level benchmarks.

How often should my child receive tutoring?

For most students, we recommend 2 times per week. This establishes a positive and productive routine, which is good for students who need help staying on track. It also gives tutors and students the time to work through specific individual challenges while keeping up with ongoing classroom curriculum.