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Meet Joanna

Super STARS is welcoming a new intern to our team! Joanna is 16 years old and comes to us from New Ventures Charter School, which helps students earn their credits differently than normal high schools. New Ventures offers credits to students through internships where they come to local businesses like ours to help out.

I currently am a junior and I work at Trader Joe’s. I definitely love food and luckily, working there helps me eat a little healthier. My family asks me to cook a lot, so I guess I’m pretty good at it. My chocolate chip pancakes are definitely the best and my sweet potato chips are better than Lays. 

During my down time, I draw and write. I like underwater animals, but after a bad snorkeling experience, I won’t touch them. I have two pet cats – they are the best, though sometimes I think my girl cat is out to sabotage me. Some of my best qualities are multi-tasking and conversation – mostly because I think about a lot of things at once.

At this internship, I hope to improve my promotion skills and learn more about this business. Part of my job being here is to use my art and communication skills to help Super STARS reach and engage more families online.